2012 Spring Prayer Ceremony

CARITAS Taiwan Director Fr. Peter Mertens and Sr. Emma Lee attended the 2012 Spring Prayer Ceremony that was held last March 13 at the Museum of World Religions in Taipei íV Taiwan.

Various representatives from the religious and government sector attended the ceremony.

The main prayer in the event:

May every person, moment to moment, live in peace and good health. May we all enjoy good karma; and may every good wish come true.

May every family, hour to hour, live in harmony and happiness. May we all enjoy happy and healthy relationships with each other.

May every country, from morning to night, be in peace. May we all selflessly strive to help each other and benefit each other.

May the world, year to year, be in peace. May we respect and embrace our differences and love our neighbors as brothers and sisters.

May the universe, forever and ever, be well and alive. May the light of freedom and beauty illuminate all the corners of the Earth.

One thought of love and kindness brings forth boundless compassion. Through wisdom, boundless compassion is seen as one heart and mind. Through love, we sow the seeds of peace everywhere around the world.

Grateful for the past and hopeful for the future, let the world become a better place because of you and me.

May happiness, peace, auspiciousness, and perfection pervade the whole world.