CARITAS TAIWAN immediate action


CARITAS Taiwan is preparing 500 charity bags for the victims of typhoon Morakot. Each bag contains toiletries like: shampoos, soap, toothbrush & toothpaste, and the like. Included in the charity package are slippers, flashlight, first aid kit and medicines, gloves, utensils, undershirts and towels. Rain coats and quilts will also be distributed. The items mentioned are especially requested by Fr. Du as the urgent needs of the victims in Kaoshiung, south of Taiwan.


The charity bags will be delivered to Kaoshiung where Caritas volunteers will carry the goods by foot to the victims who are stranded in remote areas and who are difficult to reach because of damaged roads and bridges.


Twenty two (22) schools in the badly affected areas cannot operate in the opening of the new school year (September). However, the Taiwan government will be providing free tuition for the victims who are relocated or are staying in another town with their relatives. CARITAS Taiwan is communicating with the Catholic schools in the south to gather the number or students who are displaced by the devastating typhoon. CARITAS Taiwan will subsidized the students’ board and lodging, allowances and other necessary needs so as not to impede the schooling or education of these young people.


The charity bags that we are preparing may not be enough. CARITAS Taiwan is constantly communicating with the several Diocesan Caritas in the south to be able to provide what exactly they do need at the moment and also in the near future when they will start to rebuild there lives.


We thank CI and Caritas from all over the world for extending their concerns, prayers, encouragement and support to us.


We continue to receive generous assistance, please sent it to the following bank account:


BANK: SinoPac, Banking Division

ADDRESS: 45, Han Ko St., Sec. 1, Taipei 100, Taiwan

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 001-008-0000063-1

ACCOUNT NAME: Caritas Taiwan ROC