CARITAS TAIWAN  staff visited the  place hit by Typhoon Morakot: An Experience

(Shared by CARITAS TAIWAN staff, Bernadette Huang)


On August 18, CARITAS Taiwan loaded 500 charity bags to be delivered to the church in Kaoshiung for the typhoon victims. Fifty (50) charity bags were unloaded in the place of Fr. Sié who distributed them to the people of Taoyuan county. In the morning of August 19, 450 bags were brought Neipu school in Pintung where Sr. Ma, the secretary of Fr. Du and some volunteers, were taking charge of a concern desk that helps typhoon victims. The following day, 200 charity bags were transported by helicopter to Wu-Tai village.

Mr. Hai-Gui with the social worker of Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages and the Daughters of Charity distributed 200 charity bags to the people in Liu Gui church. 

In Lui Gui church, a white haired nun, Sr. André Aycock of the Daughters of Charity arrived. Early that morning she drove with Sr. Betty Tsai to Hsin Kai village. According to Sr. André, the moment they arrived in the village, they immediately gave to the people whatever things they brought with them. So when Sr. André saw the charity bags of CARITAS, she was overwhelmed and right away opened one package and saw the content of 20 items which she exclaimed are what the people really need.

Caritas staff, Bernadette Huang shares her story

 The Daughters of Charity whose mission is to serve the poorest of the poor related that the people in the village are very poor and they have no way to earn a living. The houses still stood after the devastating typhoon but the few belongings that they had were damaged and reduced to nothing.


Sr. André was so happy and grateful that she could not stop thanking CARITAS. The volunteers were very touched by her love for the poor. She tirelessly drives through difficult and hilly roads to visit the people, to console them, and to sympathize with them their situation.


The 70 years old Sr. André never complains and works silently. There is not even a camera taking pictures to record her deeds but love and concern are all she has. Her heart is very close to the poor and tightly knitted with God's.