I am Caritas!

After several visits of Caritas Taiwan to Bishop He of Wanzhuo Diocese to introduce and discuss about Caritas, Bishop He finally approved to initiate its mission and spirit at the parish level like how it started in Germany.

The approval of the parish based caritas was made on the 15th of August  - Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary with Mr. Matthew Yi as the appointed Director. Mr. Yi has been working closely with the volunteers in rehabilitation of Wen Chun and Yunnan earthquake victims. His background in theology coupled with his ample experiences of both pastoral and social services made him more suitable to start Caritas Wushan program for the care of the poor brothers and sisters.

Present during the celebration was Caritas Taiwan staff, Mr. Paul Liu, who once again introduced Caritasˇ¦ Mission and Vision to the parishioners.

In the Eucharistic celebration, the parishioners in returned raised RMB500 as their support to the newly established Caritas in their parish.

Two weeks later, Wushan District was hit by a strong storm that caused heavy mudslides which claimed the life of 8 people, 12 were declared missing and there were about 150,000 left homeless.

Caritas Wushan immediately took action and at the same time released an emergency appeal to the Churches. Caritas Taiwan is expending this appeal in behalf of Caritas Wushan.

There are already 500 packages of childrenˇ¦s necessities for Caritas Wushan.