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 Ulaanbaatar, Thursday, February 08, 2007


Dear Brothers and Sisters

Dear Friends and all you people of Good Will in Taiwan,


First of all, may this letter find you in Peace and Joy, which comes to us through the Son of God who suffered and died for us. May His Spirit of love, solidarity, humility and charity continue being with you all the way through this Lenten Season for you to remain faithful to your challenging vocation and special ministry: being faithful witnesses of God’s love especially for the weak and poor ones.


On behalf of both the whole Catholic community and the poor people in Mongolia, I would like to express our gratitude for the particular attention you have shown through the hard yet meaningful sign of solidarity you have shown to the poor of Mongolia. Your contribution expresses indeed your solidarity and concern for this Mission, thus it has become a special and particular way by which you take direct part in what is happening in the Mongolian Mission. Allow me to underline that as a matter of fact, and thanks to Caritas-Taiwan, this is not the first time that you express your concern for the Mongolian Mission. May God be praised!


 Let this bring us closer together in order to value and appreciate each other through the numerous works done on both sides.


As for your kind and generous sign of solidarity, it will be put to good use, respecting the purpose for which you shared it with us and from time to time you will receive thankful reactions of some of the beneficiaries. May God continue blessing each one of you.


Once again many thanks for your support. May God continue guiding each of your steps.


Respectfully Yours,




Caritas Mongolia

Executive Director


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